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Solane Star

PostSubject: Synchronicity   Sat Jul 18, 2009 3:12 pm

Synchronicity can also be attracted through meditating on a word or phrase. For example, you may feel you want to better understand what may be blocking the flow of love in your life so you begin to meditate on the word love. Later that day a friend rings you and mentions that the author of some book you have never heard of is going to be in town to give a lecture on attracting and keeping love. Then you turn on the radio and hear almost at once that the first five callers to the station will receive free tickets to attend this Author's lecture! So feeling a little interested in this weird series of events, you ring up the station and lo and behold, you win a pair of tickets! (This actually happened to someone I knew many years ago). But it doesn't stop there. You attend the lecture with your friend and meet the love of your life or at least have a jolly good time with someone who turns out to be a wonderful new friend! The important thing to bear in mind here is not to attend to the outcome. In other words, you meditate on your chosen word, you let it go and move on with the rest of your day. Maybe the synchronicity won't happen today and you need to be okay with that. Maybe it will happen tomorrow or even next week because at the time you were asking for guidance, you didn't really want to hear the answer. Hey, we all do it! Yet when you least expect it, here it comes!

Noticing it when synchronicity occurs is the easiest way to attract more of it. What you pay attention to in your life expands. This is how your journal can serve double duty: it allows you to both track it and to become more aware of it. Also note that how what you focus on during your day, for better or worse, also tends to attract the sort of synchronicity you experience. For example, if your thinking is normally fairly upbeat and positive, you will tend to attract synchronicity that reflects this back to you. If you are focusing more on problems and worry, that’s what you will attract via synchronicity. So synchronicity can also serve to alert us to what we are thinking! What a wonderful Universe that has given us so many ways of tuning in to what we are really thinking and feeling so that we may change it if we choose not to go down one path or another or boost it even more if we do!

Spending time being reflective, allowing the thoughts and energies of the day to simply flow through you is another wonderful way of attracting more synchronicity. When we are in a quiet, reflective state of mind, it allows the Universe to more powerfully communicate with us. Think of a lazy day when you are simply floating along, not trying to grab onto anything or being too busy, just float. You get the intuitive hit to pick up a book, go for a walk, turn on the radio or the telly, ring a friend just to chat. Then the Universe can move on your behalf by inserting synchronicity in such a way that you are bound to notice and reflect upon it.

Be grateful! Being grateful for all the good you already have is a powerful way of attracting synchronicity. Moving into a state of Gratefulness is moving into a state of Divine Grace. People who are grateful for all the good in life tend to attract all sorts of wonderful things into their lives, including very powerful examples of synchronicity. Being grateful means our hearts and minds are open, and like parachutes, that’s when they both function best! I keep a gratitude journal and each evening (well, okay, sometimes I don't, VBG!) I write down between 5 and 20 things that I am most grateful for. When I do this consistently, everything in my life blooms. When I don't, well, lets say it doesn't take me too long anymore to realise that I have forgotten to say "Thank You Universe!" blu wink

By Morning Star
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