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 3-23 The Alaskan Volcano Redoubt Erupts

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PostSubject: 3-23 The Alaskan Volcano Redoubt Erupts   Tue Mar 24, 2009 11:43 am

I have to thank Lillith because I saw it written in the sky the sign was there this morning when I went out to my car to go to work and I knew. I was watching this event getting ready to happen when they first started watching for a pending eruption but then they down graded the threat level to just a warning. But when I looked to the sky and saw the alignment I knew this would be a day that something was going to happen and it was going to be something big.

I'll be back with all the proof of this prediction later, but indeed I certainly did have a hunch and then if anyone would have asked I would have told them with out a doubt something was going to happen when I looked to the sky...

I'll also make a comment in MyLot where I brought up the volcano post that I created a while back for another event on the horizon that I was watching.
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3-23 The Alaskan Volcano Redoubt Erupts
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