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 The Magic of Words

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Solane Star

PostSubject: The Magic of Words   Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:19 pm

Thursday, March 11, 2010
The Magic of Words

The following is an excerpt from Sandra Ingerman's new book, How to Thrive in Changing Times.

In spiritual traditions it is understood that there is a resonance in words that creates a physical manifestation in the world. In the Hebrew language, words are used to create. And there are many stories that share how words can be used to create or destroy.

In the Sanskrit language, it is seen that every vowel has a vibration that travels up into the universe and then manifests down on earth as a form.

In Ancient Egypt, many words were not spoken aloud, as it was understood that as soon as a word was said aloud, there would be a physical manifestation. Often metaphors were used instead of certain words.

Aramaic is a very ancient language. The Aramaic phrase abraq ad habra is a phrase we know in the West as abracadabra. The literal translation of abraq ad habra is "I will create as I speak."

Along with challenging our toxic thoughts, it is essential that we become more aware of the words we use and the power they hold. I teach all my students who work directly with people in private practice -- whether doing spiritual healing works, psychotherapy, or medicine -- that words are seeds. Seeds have amazing creative potential. Think of what one seed can grow into. When we speak to other people, we plant seeds in them. We must become conscious of whether our words are planting seeds of love, hope, and inspiration or whether we are planting seeds of fear.

In looking at words in this way, we have the power to curse ourselves, someone else, and the planet. Or we have the power to use our words as a blessing. Saying and thinking, "There is no hope," is a curse. Saying and thinking, "All things are possible. There is always room for healing," is a blessing.

The Navajo people have a saying: May you walk in beauty. In saying this, they mean never say anything that will create fear or harm in another. Do not curse others with your words. Rather, bless them with words that create beauty in their lives.

Through social conditioning, reading books, and watching TV and movies, certain phrases are embedded in our subconscious and tend to surface -- almost like a jingle we sing whenever we see a certain product. Let's say a friend or family member shares with you that she is beginning a new creative venture. A common phrase that might pop up in your head is: no way will that work. You might not even have much information, but your subconscious has been so trained to believe that anything edgy has no chance to succeed that your thoughts instantly go to the negative. And in allowing statements that are defeatist in nature to come up, we rob the creative power of our friend or family member. Or if we repeat defeatist statements to ourselves whenever we venture into something new ("I'll never pull this off" or "I'm an idiot for trying this"), then we take power from our creative potential.

But if we assert to our friend, "What an exciting project you are working on! I will affirm along with you that your new venture is a great success," we add power to the other person's dream.

If we as a global community affirm statements like, "Together we can change the world and create a positive world for all of life," we exponentially feed the power of our creative ability.

Posted by Tess Whitehurst

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The Magic of Words
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