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 Feeling fed up!

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PostSubject: Feeling fed up!   Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:40 pm

Today I've been irritated, aggravated, fed up and frustrated. Nothing has gone how I wanted it to today and I feel guilty for even TRYING to get things to go my way, because it clashed with what Mr Gem wanted to do. I wanted to go for a brisk walk to return a library book because I try to go for a walk every day so I can increase my fitness; but Mr Gem walked SO SLOWLY everywhere we went. Like he was just wandering aimlessly and didn't care that I wanted to just get there and get back because I have work to do this afternoon. And then on the way back I spied a pretty top in a clothes shop window that I wanted to go and have a look at and then he got mad about it and stormed off because I'd been telling him all along I was in a hurry. Well it really upset me because I felt like it was my right to go and have a look. He has got NOTHING TO DO because he's not working, and I'm getting frustrated and guilty because I feel TOO busy between my two jobs, study and domestic stuff to pay him the attention he seems to want. This is my last week at the second job and after that I'll have more free time - but it should really be time spent on my thesis. I feel that he wants me to just hang out with him all day because he's got nothing else to do, and I just feel like I want to scream!
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Feeling fed up!
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