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 Deep Love, Mysteries, Magic

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PostSubject: Deep Love, Mysteries, Magic    Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:49 am

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Deep Love, Mysteries, Magic
Sunday October 3, 2010

Late last night, we heard a pair of owls, screeching and hooting to each other. Maybe they were courting -- a perfect sound effect for Venus-Mars meeting today in Scorpio. Like Scorpio, the Night Eagle sees in the dark, and is a symbol of wisdom. It was a spooky and rare sound that felt like a gift.

With Venus Scorpio, love is entangling, private and soulful. Mars Scorpio adds steamy drive to motivate you to plunge more deeply into whatever you're doing. Actions are sly, strategic, under cover. Venus in Scorpio, draws us to the beauty of the mysterious, veiled, enigmatic and unknowable. There's delicious sensuality here, that could bring your mojo back. Your art takes on more depth. You perceive the psychic depths of life.

These days, many are experiencing extreme highs and lows, revisiting shadowy territory of the psyche. The urgency of our time overpowers the usual coping mechanisms, and then more primal emotions are triggered. This can be incredibly powerful, as we remember hidden or lost aspects of who we are. It's like a homecoming of sorts, a reclaiming of what's in the dark.

More themes for Venus-Mars Scorpio

•Mystery, what's "haunting" your psyche, ghosts of love's past.
•Facing hurts, and in doing so, healing old hurts.
•Strong psychic impressions that go beyond intuition.
•Signs, omens, warnings of danger.
•Understanding power dynamics in love, including holds (sexual, psychic, energetic).
•Hidden psychological wounds, suicide, buried torments, society's dark side as expressed in culture.
•Art, films, music and performance that's sultry, revealing, darkly magical.
Venus and Mars are exactly aligned in Scorpio today at 2:58 Pacific US, 5:58 pm Eastern US and 9:58 pm Greenwich Mean Time.
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Deep Love, Mysteries, Magic
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