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 How the new physics explains consciousness

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Solane Star

PostSubject: How the new physics explains consciousness    Wed Oct 13, 2010 11:40 pm

The Quantum Mind of the NDE
How the new physics explains consciousness

The following is a list of some of the qualities of the quantum realm which correspond remarkably to the realm of the NDE.

The Properties of Light

Physics reveals "supernatural" or "god-like" aspects to the properties of light which is consistent with NDE research. For example, the energy of light is infinite. Experiments show that light particles communicate with each other. Time ceases to exist at light speed. All matter is ultimately reducible to electromagnetic radiation. Human observation transforms light waves to light particles which is how we experience reality. Light was pervasive at the Big Bang and is predicted to be pervasive at the universe's demise. The second law of thermodynamics (i.e., entropy) dictates that an infinite amount of organization and design existed in the singularity of the Big Bang. These aspects of light are consistent with what is known about the NDE. Light is the loving entity that welcomes the dying in near-death experiences. The Bible and the world's other major religious texts refer to God in terms of light.


(a) "God at the Speed of Light": T. Lee Baumann's NDE and Physics Research

(b) "Light Particles Communicate Over Six Miles", Reuters News

(c) The NDE and God: Kevin Williams' Research Conclusions

A Multi-Dimensional Reality

On July 14, 2001, New Scientist reported: "Taming the Multiverse" about the scientific evidence of parallel universes. A multidimensional reality supports NDE research findings of a multidimensional reality after bodily death.


(a) "Taming the Multiverse", New Scientist News

(b) The NDE and Afterlife Realms: Kevin Williams' Research Conclusions

Zero Point

Furthermore, again in theory, there is one possible universe which is called the Zero or Omega Point, in which there is no time or space, and all possible universes coexist. This realm is referred to in NDE research as "the void". An example is found in the NDE of Olaf Swenson who experienced a timeless spaceless realm when he nearly died of a botched tonsillectomy at age 14. He states that "suddenly I rolled into a ball and smashed into another reality. The forces that brought me through the barrier were terrific. I was on the other side. I realized that the boundary between life and death is a strange creation of our own mind, very real (from the side of the living), and yet insignificant." Olaf felt he was floating in a universe with no boundaries. "I had total comprehension of everything. I stood at the annihilation point, a bright orange light." He continues, "As I felt my mind transported back to my body, I thought, please let me remember this new theory of relativity." The information that Olaf gained during his NDE inspired him to develop over 100 patents in molecular chemistry.


(a) Are Near-Death Experiences Real?" by Dr. Melvin Morse, Mind Power News

(b) The NDE and the Void: Kevin Williams' Research Conclusions

Quantum Interconnectivity

Quantum physics suggests that the universe may well be a conscious universe for which all consciousness is a fractal. Many scientists no longer believe in a randomly generated universe from some sort of primal dust. Nobel prize winning molecular biologist Christian de Duve describes the universe as one which has a cosmic imperative to develop conscious life. The very structure of molecules which make up living creatures dictates that conscious life will evolve. Astrophysicist Fred Hoyle agrees that the fundamental laws of the universe, which govern the creation of planets, suns and galaxies again seems to imply that conscious life will be the end result of those universal laws. Evolutionary biologist Rupert Sheldrake goes even further, stating that there are morphic forms, patterns of energy which first exist in the universe, when then result in life. If this is true, then it would apply to the other dimensions of reality made up of other elementary subatomic particles. The paranormal now seems less like fantasy and more likely to be perceptions of conscious beings in other realties predicted by modern science. Near-death experiences may simply be the clinical counterparts to what experimental physicists have found in the laboratory.


(a) "Spiritual Visions and Nonlocal Reality", by Dr. Melvin Morse, National Institute for Discovery Science

(b) Mellen-Thomas Benedict's Near-Death Experience

Quantum Consciousness

In the June 1994 issue of Discover Magazine ran an article called: "Quantum Consciousness" about how consciousness and quantum physics are intimately connected. On Dec. 6, 2001, USA Today reported: "Did September 11 Events Refocus Global Consciousness?" about how random number generators around the world detected a change around the time of the terrorist attack which may be an indication of global consciousness. These findings support NDE and consciousness research findings which are suggestive of a transcendental, global, and quantum consciousness. Quantum consciousness is the basis for how the NDE and quantum physics are intimately related.


(a) “Unity Consciousness: A Quantum Foundation”, Journal of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), 14(3) pp. 267-301. Thomas E. Beck, Ph.D. & Janet E. Colli, Ph.D.

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(d) Penrose-Hameroff articles on Quantum Consciousness

(e) The NDE and Science: Kevin Williams' Research Conclusions

T. 'Lee' Baumann

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Solane Star

PostSubject: Re: How the new physics explains consciousness    Wed Oct 13, 2010 11:43 pm

Quantum Synchronicity

Physicist Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung (who experienced a profound NDE himself) developed the concept of synchronicity which is the theory is that hidden patterns in life can be expressed by seemingly coincidental events, and that these patterns represent communication with a conscious universal mind. Niels Bohr, the founding father of quantum physics, discovered that an interconnectedness exists between unrelated subatomic events and therefore, interconnectivity of life is real. When Jung first advanced his idea, most physicists did not take it seriously (although one eminent physicist of the time, Wolfgang Pauli, felt it was important enough to co-author a book with Jung on the subject entitled "The Interpretation and Nature of the Psyche." But now that the existence of non-local connections has been established, some physicists are giving Jung's idea another look. Physicist Paul Davies states, "These non-local quantum effects are indeed a form of synchronicity in the sense that they establish a connection - more precisely a correlation - between events for which any form of causal linkage is forbidden." This theory supports a reality which corresponds with the NDE.


(a) "Jung's Synchronistic Interpretation of the Near-Death Experience: An Unnecessary Mystification", Journal of Near-Death Studies: Vol. 22, No. 4, pp. 261–268.

(b) Wikipedia's Online Encyclopedia on Synchronicity

(c) Crystalinks on Synchronicity

Space and Time Interconnectivity

A European astrophysicist by the name of Metod Saniga used NDE research to develop a mathematical model of time that seems to offer solutions to problems that have vexed scholars since Einstein. In brief, Dr. Saniga takes seriously the testimony of NDErs when they describe being in a realm where "time stops", and where some of them "see the past, present, and future all at once." To this occurrence of what he calls "the Pure Present." Dr. Saniga used these "anomalous experiences" to show that a single mathematical model can account for both the conventional and the extraordinary ways that humans experience time."


(a) Metod Saniga's articles on the structure of Space-Time

(b) "Anybody Really Know What Time Is?", Wired News

(c) The NDE and Time: Kevin Williams' Research Conclusions

Time Travel

On March 6, 2002, ABC News reported: "Scientists Explain Why Time Travel Is Possible." NDE research findings include experiencers who travel through the tunnel and experience time travel.


(a) "Only a Matter of Time: Scientists Explain Why Time Travel Is Possible", ABC News

(b) The NDE and Time: Kevin Williams' Research Conclusions


On Feb. 9, 2004, Technology Review reported: "Electricity Teleportation Devised." Instantaneous travel is a feature which often appears in NDE testimony where thoughts are deeds.


(a) "Electricity Teleportation Devised", Technology Research News

(b) "Air Force Report Calls For $7.5 Million to Study Psychic Teleportation", USA Today

(c) Examples from near-death.com of teleportation within NDEs:
http://tinyurl.com/8oc46 and http://tinyurl.com/bb2jb and http://tinyurl.com/cz6zx and http://tinyurl.com/dsvsz


On June 26, 1997, Swiss scientists found evidence that light particles known as photons are somehow linked over a distance of six miles. Scientists at the University of Geneva generated pairs of photons and sent them along two separate optic fibers, ending up six miles apart. These findings support the concept of non-locality found in NDEs.


(a) "Light Particles Communicate Over Six Miles," Reuters News

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One aspect of the NDE which is very common is the experience of traveling through a tunnel and into a different dimension of reality. These experiences with the NDE tunnel may very well be wormholes or singularities as described in astrophysics.


(a) "Escape From The Universe," by Michio Kaku, Prospect Magazine

(b) "The Out-of-Body Experience As Dimensional Translocation," by Jim Dekorne, New Dawn Magazine

(c) The NDE and the Tunnel: Kevin Williams' Research Conclusions


Similarities can be found between elements of NDEs and in quantum field concept of subjectivity. They suggest that all events are related and influence each other instantaneously and in reciprocity, and only subjectivity remains.


(a) Neppe, VM (1983). The relevance of the temporal lobe to anomalous subjective experience, In: White RA, Broughton, RS, eds. Research in Parapsychology 1983. Metuchen, NJ.: Scarecrow Press; 1984: 7-10

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(c) Swiel DJ, Neppe, VM. The incidence of subjective anomalous experience in naive subjects. PJSA. 1986; 7 (1): 34-53.

Holographic Theory

Near-death life reviews pose a challenge to current memory research in terms of the sheer amount of instantaneous and empathetic information recall. Advances in quantum physics, bio-mechanics, holographic information theory, and consciousness studies support for the first time a fully realizable quantum bio-mechanical basis for near-death life reviews. We introduce the unifying paradigm of the quantum hologram as a non-local carrier of information. We further investigate the interrelated phenomena of non-local communications, and the electromagnetic zero-point field (ZPF). Recent confirmation of the ZPF lends credibility to vast memory storage capabilities outside the physical body. Microtubules are considered to be key components in non-local, quantum processes critical to human consciousness. Discovery of the liquid crystalline nature of the human body provides further support for our model. Microtubules, DNA and the entire brain are described as communicating non-locally with virtually unlimited memory storage capacity.


(a) “A Quantum Bio-Mechanical Basis for Near-Death Life Reviews”, Journal of Near-Death Studies, Spring 2003, Vol. 21, No. 3, pp. 169-189

(b) The NDE and the Life Review: Kevin Williams' Research Conclusions

(c) The NDE and Knowledge: Kevin Williams' Research Conclusions

Other Scientific Articles Supporting a Correlation Between NDEs and Physics

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"Although each of us obviously inhabits a separate physical body, the laboratory data from a hundred years of parapsychology research strongly indicate that there is no separation in consciousness." - Russell Targ, physicist co-founder of Stanford Research Institute's investigation into psychic abilities

T. 'Lee' Baumann

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PostSubject: Re: How the new physics explains consciousness    Sat Oct 23, 2010 2:52 pm

lol, funny how whatever they unveil from the distant past, they term is "new"!!! Strange human behaviour!
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Light Warrior
Light Warrior

PostSubject: Re: How the new physics explains consciousness    Mon Nov 01, 2010 5:54 am

Wow! Very interesting stuff.

With the big bang theory, something interesting usually happens with me when I watch anything about it on TV. On most scientific documentaries that discuss the big bang, they almost always give you a very bright explosion image on the screen to demonstrate the big bang. Whenever that happens, my mind instantly imagines that first explosion of light and I have a sense of life at my solar plexus. Which gives me a feeling that we are all inherently connected, through a cosmic genealogy, to that first explosion of light/life - and that the solar plexus is that point of connection. Strange but cool, huh!
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Solane Star

PostSubject: Re: How the new physics explains consciousness    Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:22 pm


I don't think thats strange at ALL, REAL-ly the contary, I just see that as more CONNECTED then most. mr green blu wink

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PostSubject: Re: How the new physics explains consciousness    

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How the new physics explains consciousness
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