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 Pluto and Ceres: The Feminine and Food

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PostSubject: Pluto and Ceres: The Feminine and Food   Tue Oct 19, 2010 10:05 am

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Pluto and Ceres: The Feminine and Food
Monday October 18, 2010

There's a buzz about the asteroid Ceres, whose mirror in myth is Demeter, the mother who mourned for her daughter Persephone. In myth, Pluto is lord of the underworld, who took the maiden below, setting off an epic mourning period which we experience as winter. And now Pluto and Ceres (the raging, grieving Mother) meet in Capricorn tomorrow. Ceres is where the word cereal came from, and connects with food and clothing.

Under Pluto Capricorn, we're seeing unholy alliances forming between security firms and big agra, and a stance of control toward those who are growing their own. This Pluto-Ceres alignment could bring even more dramatically, dire issues of food security and how it's linked to the exploitation of Mother Earth. It's an issue that affects us all, since food is a basic need to live.

Astrologers like Rob Tillett write of Ceres as the Great Mother, and see the feminine-named asteroids emerging, as women themselves find their power again. Symbolically, we can see that the mourning of Ceres for her daughter, is like women's sorrow at the denigration of the feminine. Together in deep earthy Capricorn, we could see raging at the attempts to control the cyclical feminine, and exploit her for profit until she's barren.

If we're tuned into the Earth -- and we all can be -- we pick up on the distress and see the rise of agricultural commodity prices, and can take commonsensical steps for our own food security. Planting a garden, connecting with local growers, putting up food -- these areas are exploding on the 'net as more instinctually sense the need to be more self-sufficient.

Something magical happens when you reconnect to the growing season, and learn by trial and error, how to grow a garden. There's a Plutonian shadow over food and control over it, and this is likely to intensify in the coming months. It can bring out the raging, grieving Mother in all of us. But there's something growing at the grassroots that is local and lush. And as each person reconnects, they find their connection to the Earth again, which changes everything. It's threatening to the status quo because it puts power back in the hands of those that know how to grow things. We are of the Earth, and it's our birthright and a path of power.

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Pluto and Ceres: The Feminine and Food
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