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 How Did You Get into Astrology?

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Solane Star

PostSubject: How Did You Get into Astrology?   Wed Oct 27, 2010 11:19 am

Molly Hall About.com
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Tuesday October 26, 2010

My memory is hazy, but it all started with a terrible break-up. I wanted to know why it went so wrong with an Aries Sun (I'm a Cancer). Yelling in the street "I'm over you!" kind of wrong. He thrilled and scared me.

I was working at a metaphysical bookstore in San Francisco, doing Tarot readings. The job involved lots of waiting for walk-ins, and so I spent a lot of time reading astrology books. I had access to a library of astrology books, and kept expanding my knowledge. My co-workers and I would trade readings, and soon I was looking at charts.

The Aries man became the embodiment of my late 20s Saturn return -- my Saturn is Aries -- and that fire something to go after in my own life. After seeing the elements of Fire and Water reacting so violently toward each other, astrology really clicked for me. It helped me see those contradictory forces in my own nature.

Denise Dee was a friend I knew from the theatre community there, and she'd come in, and make a beeline to the astrology books. She gave me the book Transformation and Empowerment by Adrian Ross Duncan.

In her new role as moderator for the Astrology discussion forum, she brings great passion for self-inquiry, via the tool of astrology. In her forum introduction, she writes about her own journey to astrology, saying, "I knew I had some deep work to do on myself but had no idea where to turn. I turned to the author of a fascinating astrology column The Aquarium Age by Ralfee Finn which I read weekly in the East Bay Express. I hired Ralfee for a reading. Sent her my birthdate, time and place and was surprised when she nailed so much about my life without my having spoken one word to her.'

Interestingly, she also started looking into astrology after a break-up (divorce), one of those times when we're at our rawest, and full of questions. She writes, "I am "New-Agey" but do not believe 'light' solves everything. We can carry and bring light with us - but do feel at some stage(s) in our lives we will be called to journey with Pluto and Chiron into the depths of our souls."

Denise is generously offering mini-readings this month to those coming to the forum. Be sure to visit, for this gift from someone who has a lifetime of wisdom to share.


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Light Warrior
Light Warrior

PostSubject: Re: How Did You Get into Astrology?   Mon Nov 01, 2010 5:45 am

Funnily enough, I got into astrology when I was 16 because I wanted to figure out a boy! I got into it again in my mid to late twenties because I wanted to find out more about myself and understand how my psychology worked on a deeper level, plus I felt like there was something 'bigger than myself' (just then I accidentally typed 'myELF') going on, some kind of bigger cosmic reality going on and I was curious to dip into that. I then got into it even more when I wanted to understand what was going on with myself and with my 'world' when I broke up with my then-partner, as well as to understand the dynamic between myself and Mr Gem. Nowadays I don't look to astrology as much. I do, but I also have a sense of not 'needing' to because everything is working as it should be at any given time, and that my own thoughts are as much of an influence as the stars as are... (although they can also be considered one and the same)...

Very interesting thread! thumup
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How Did You Get into Astrology?
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