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 Serpent Wisdom Rising

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Solane Star

PostSubject: Serpent Wisdom Rising   Thu Nov 04, 2010 1:50 am

Molly Hall About.com
Serpent Wisdom Rising
Tuesday November 2, 2010

Venus has been conveying the lust for life, in Scorpio, the water sign of merging and intensity. And now, Venus who has been veiled to our eyes, and is about to re-emerge, visible to us in the night sky once again on November 4. It's a portentous --even foreboding -- time, as we're on the verge of her resurrection as the Morning Star.

Jessica Sheppard has notes for each Venus sign, on what's rising for you at astrology.com. She writes, "We may've learned something uncomfortable about our self, and have to take responsibility for our increased self-knowledge- the cost for that self-knowledge may've been high. But there's no turning back from what we know is true, now; our outlook, attitude and the way we interpret our life experiences and our world has been irrevocably changed. We've shed old skin. We've been transformed."

Serendipitously, I picked up the book Paths of Empowerment to a random page last night and hit the Scorpio gold mine. Author Barbara Marciniak says while Libra rules marriage and partnership, sexual energy is associated with the deep transformation of Scorpio and Pluto. She writes, "...sexual energy digs into the psyche to excavate old, unresolved issues. Sexual activity roots out secrets and issues of power, and there may be times when the discoveries appear to be dark and menacing."

These quotes reminds me of Scorpio's serpent wisdom, that sees and moves in these shadowy, almost inter-dimensional realities. It's our lovers, past and present, that (hopefully) hold those secrets from times when our soul laid bare. But with so much Scorpio/Pluto energy present, and humanity at a crossroads, we're seeing more of it rise and become visible.

For the Mayans, Venus was Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, and this was a time of great shifts of power, and/or natural disasters. It's intense timing, considering the foreboding many feel about the weeks ahead. It's a fascinating parallel to look at personal shadows, and how they either feed or ease the collective ones. Sexual energy is potent, and a drive that's often used against people, or to hold masses in thrall.

Marciniak writes, "Sexual energy is sacred because it embodies the power of creation, and within your body, it is the most powerful source of energy you have to master." So it's a powerful time to summon emotional courage, strengthen your boundaries around your sacred site (your genitals), and grow confident in your ability to see in the dark. The serpent is not evil -- in countless traditions, it's a symbol of knowledge. And as Jessica says, once you know, you can't go back.

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Solane Star

PostSubject: Venus Rises Again! Where The Morning Star Rises For You   Thu Nov 04, 2010 1:56 am

Western Astrology

Venus Rises Again! Where The Morning Star Rises For You
by Jessica Shepherd November 02, 2010 05:13 AM EST

On November 4 Venus (retrograde, in Scorpio) becomes visible once again, as she rises with the Sun. Rising as Venus Lucifer, or Venus Morning Star, it is considered a time of resurrection as Venus leaves the darkness and sets foot into a new dawn.

During the last 8 days of her underworld journey, in order to free our self from old values and emotional sensibilities of the previous cycle (the previous 584 days) we ventured deeply within. We may've learned something uncomfortable about our self, and have to take responsibility for our increased self-knowledge- the cost for that self-knowledge may've been high. But there’s no turning back from what we know is true, now; our outlook, attitude and the way we interpret our life experiences and our world has been irrevocably changed. We’ve shed old skin. We've been transformed.

The Babylonians and Mayans considered Venus to be at her most fierce during this part of the Venus cycle. Venus morning star energy is fresh, spontaneous and eager for new experience -including new romances. She's feisty, direct - bloodthirsty even!

So how will this play out in our lives? As Venus rises again with the Sun, we directly contact the raw primal force of eros-desire, which we can intentionally use to create anew. In art, love and money, what and who we’re inspired by we now carry forward into a new cycle.

Where does Venus rise again in your birth chart? Intentionally send the artistic, creative and impetuous temptress energy of Venus Morning Star in this direction (and if you don’t know your birth chart, read for your Sun sign):

Venus in the 1st House (or Scorpio Sun signs): self-image, makeovers, decisive choices, how you act and appear, your life journey and your vehicle for accomplishment, your point of view.

Venus in the 2nd House (or Libra Sun Signs): money, confidence, investing in your self, taking risks that require courage, your ability to provide for your self, personal safety, body consciousness.

Venus in the 3rd House (or Virgo Sun signs): self-expression, communication, the appearance of omens and synchronicity, neighbors and siblings, journeys of the mind, learning/teaching, education.

Venus in the 4th House (or Leo Sun signs): home, parents, clan, security, roots and personal legacy, the past, psychological introspection, endings, where your heart is, what the soul most wants.

Venus in the 5th House (or Cancer Sun signs): lovers and love affairs, art, expression of creativity and talent, luster, getting noticed, self re-creation, playmates, karmic partnerships, short term relationships.

Venus in the 6th House (or Gemini Sun signs): befriending the body, environmental psychological and spiritual hygiene, mentors and apprenticeship, work life balance, co-workers, self-care.

Venus in the 7th House (or Taurus Sun signs): partners, negotiation, bridge-building, the building of trust, seeing through the eyes’ of another, marriage, making your relationships new again.

Venus in the 8th House (or Aries Sun signs): psycho-sexual intimacy, death and grief, shared resources, repressed and unconscious material, sexual and trauma healing, healing betrayal.

Venus in the 9th House (or Pisces Sun Signs): religious and spiritual teachers, questions of morality, long journeys, expanding your possibilities, belief systems, dogma vs. wide-open perception.

Venus in the 10th House (or Aquarius Sun Signs): how you appear to the public at large, public image or status, your calling card or career, bosses and higher-ups, recognition, doing what you love.

Venus in the 11th House (or Capricorn Sun Signs): distant friends, acquaintances and groups, shared long-term plans and goals, people you want to be like/who you admire, social networks, finding your place in the world.

Venus in the 12th House (or Sagittarius Sun Signs): consciousness and quietude, restorative activities, spiritual pursuits, enjoyable time spent alone, connection to all of life through art/beauty/music

Link: http://www.astrology.com/venus-rises-again-where-morning-star-rises-you/2-d-d-295038
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Serpent Wisdom Rising
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