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 New Moon Scorpio

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Solane Star

PostSubject: New Moon Scorpio   Sat Nov 06, 2010 12:23 pm

Molly Hall About.com
New Moon Scorpio
Friday November 5, 2010

We're hours away from the most exquisitely psychic New Moon of the year. When veils thin and spirits go on walk-about, there's both magic and danger. I've had many encounters with entities, going back to the Three-Eyed Lady, who used to follow me around as a kindergardener. I used to freak out babysitters when I mentioned her, and their fear made me afraid. All these years later, I'm sure the three eyes meant her 6th Chakra was visible to me. Maybe she was a guardian spirit?

I'll be taking time away from the computer today, because the frequencies can be overwhelming. You've probably noticed how you get drained or disoriented from sitting too long in front of the monitor. This New Moon is a good one to retreat from these kinds of vibes, so we can fully explore the dimensions of our own psychic knowing.

When your own electromagnetic field is clear, without disruptive external frequencies, you're less likely to freak out at what you perceive or sense that's otherworldly. And better able to hear your own guidance. Hope it's regenerative for you, and you find mystery and deep healing in the Dark!

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New Moon Scorpio
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