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 Unexplainable picture appears on my camera phone

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PostSubject: Unexplainable picture appears on my camera phone   Sun Mar 06, 2011 8:50 am

I use a simple camera phone to take paranormal pictures. I was reviewing my photos a few days back and noticed something very peculiar. There was a picture saved on the phone that I didn't recognize. The setting appears to be a large white house sitting on the shore of a large lake. I live in Michigan, and I was thinking it looked like one of the great lakes. Even stranger, near the bottom of the photo, there appeared to be several men in US Navy uniforms. Now, I know for a fact I didn't take this picture nor had I ever been to the place depicted in the photo. I showed the photo to my mother and step-father. They recognized it immediately, it was the home of a real estate agent they recently met with, as they are considering purchasing a cottage home in the area. The question is how did the photo end up on my camera phone. The phone was never out of my possession, nor would either one of them even know how to work the camera feature even if they somehow had picked it up. They are both really dumb when it comes to electronics and computers, I have to figure out everything for them and show them how to do it. Of course both of them declared that they never had possession of the phone at any time. My stepfather informed me that the area used to be a US Naval Base years ago and then became a residential area as it is now. We are all dumbfounded as to how this photo ended up on the camera phone and by what means or source it was transferred there to.

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Unexplainable picture appears on my camera phone
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