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 Interesting thoughts on rejuvenation through astral experiences etc

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PostSubject: Interesting thoughts on rejuvenation through astral experiences etc   Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:13 pm

Thought provoking... I'd like to take a look at this book! It would be awesome to 'live better' throughout all stages of life.


Rejuvenation, an Essay and Review by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke

This article was written by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke
posted under Health & Healing





Rejuvenation: Strategies for Living Younger, Longer, and Better, by Joe Slate, Ph.D., Llewellyn Worldwide
An Essay and Review by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke


Every year, more of us live longer, and many of us do live better and even “younger” than our parents and grandparents, or than Aunts and Uncles and Cousins. Look at the obituaries and see how “mature” many people are at their “graduation” from this life.

Why? How?

Most of the credit has been given to better nutrition and health care, but is that all there is to it? AND, what about future progress? More of the same, or something radically different?

Will YOU live LONGER, and YOUNGER, and BETTER?

Dr. Joe Slate and his assistants at Athens State University have analyzed major psychological and spiritual factors (including traumas of this and past lives) in aging and developed safe strategies to overcome them, and to assert oneself in a positive dynamic of Mind-Body-Spirit interaction to reverse many health issues with new strength and vitality. Yes, you can live longer, younger, and better, and Dr. Slate’s case histories demonstrate it.

Although nature has dealt the biological cards, it’s up to us to play them. With our new understanding of aging and renewal processes, we can take command of the game.

REJUVENATION is the process of making one more youthful by restoring and renewing anti-aging powers in a continuous developmental program based on years of research.

In every human being there is a ‘matrix’ of energies and information. Most people call this ‘the AURA,’ but it is actually several auras and ‘bodies’ that function at different levels to manage the Life Force of the physical body. Your genetic code is one manifestation of this.

The aura is also the repository for the Subconscious Mind, where all memories are stored from this and past life times, and through which we can contact the Collective Consciousness of Divine Mind. We are not alone. We need not be helpless.

The problem is that this matrix – fresh and vital when you were born – gets worn and frayed over a lifetime of emotional ups & downs, mental challenges & ‘busyness,’ and less than healthy physical habits. It even picks up bits of static and false information, i.e. genetic mutations, from the environment. It’s just like computer code when this happens, and it leads to various malfunctions and failure to self-repair. But help is available. We are not alone. There are proven methods for restoration and self-repair you can easily practice.

No one knows if there is an absolute limit to the length of human life, but we do know that by making repairs in the system, life can be both extended and improved. Estimates of the true life span are between 120 and 140 years, but we really won’t know until it becomes the norm to live longer, and effectively, younger, and better. We can go past the old limits.

What we do know is that most people age and die before they can fully benefit the world with their learned expertise and wisdom. We lose the contributions of our most valued people. We all suffer the loss of such talent and wisdom. And it need not happen.


It is important to understand that life is energy managed by information. Energy, Life Force, flows into us through the aura, but as we age it has to be supplemented from internal sources. Dr. Slate writes “The internal energy system must be developed and maintained. Efficient energy production and conservation strategies must be acquired, and effective techniques for using energy must be mastered.” And, “The belief that we can do little or nothing to arrest aging and reverse its effects is profoundly pessimistic and, fortunately, wrong.” Yes, we can go beyond past expectations.

The first step is to understand that aging need not lead to ‘decrepitude.’ Age is a time measurement, while decrepitude is a condition of being worn out from a failure of the natural regenerative systems. By maximizing our rejuvenation powers we can avoid illnesses commonly associated with aging. “Preventing geneticauraenergy mutations that cause illness, keeping artery walls open and free of blockage, and prolonging the ability of cells to reproduce are reasonable expectations for all who are willing to develop their capacities of rejuvenation and longevity.” And, you are among the willing, aren’t you?

“Rather than surrendering to the aging process, we find ways of subduing and defeating it. Among the aims of this book is to identify age accelerants and formulate procedures that eliminate them.” We fight aging not merely to survive, but to live better and younger.

Internal energy resources go beyond nutrition and a healthful lifestyle, and involve active ways to harvest energy from the personal and cosmic psychic environment accessed through the subconscious mind by the proven strategies presented in this book.


“Each of us is endowed with the energies of life and the powers of personal consciousness. By living younger, longer, and better, we learn new approaches for achieving our goals, overcoming obstacles, conquering adversity, and living a more productive life. By keeping our minds youthful, creative, and dynamic, we can find more effective ways of acquiring new knowledge, discovering our inner landscape, re-energizing the mind, and finally realizing our highest potentials. In a word, we become empowered. Having achieved personal empowerment, we can, in turn, create a better world for ourselves and our children.” You owe it to yourself, your children, the world, and to your creator to live longer.

“As human beings, we are designed to grow, not deteriorate. The physical body seeks youth and health. It is always responsive to our efforts to stay young and undue aging. Rejuvenation is a natural process of renewal and growth. We have the built-in potential to repair, re-create, and rejuvenate ourselves. By developing that potential, we could conceivably live and grow indefinitely while, at the same time, improving the quality of our existence. But all too often, we reject the sources of rejuvenation within ourselves and our surroundings. As a result, our biological systems slowly deteriorate, and our bodies finally wear out. . . Because we expect to age and die, we eventually self-destruct. We fail to discover the limitless possibilities for continued growth and fulfillment.”


Sure. Maybe. Someday. But don’t count on it! None of us are likely to live long enough to see such a thing. And, is that what we really want? What we accomplish ourselves will live forever in the inheritance we pass on through the evolutionary formula. We become better and all benefit – it’s all part of the evolutionary plan.

Back in the real world, there are rejuvenation strategies that do work to uncover abundant sources of energy, both within ourselves and beyond. Yes, there are biological factors that must be recognized, but the human being has the unique capacity to intervene and actually “alter the aging process and the underlying components that energize it.” Rather than being fated, humans have the power to change their own reality. There are techniques to slow the aging process, and even to eradicate the effects of aging on both mind and body. By “focusing on the sheer power of the human mind and spirit, we can each become empowered to choose how long to live in this lifetime; and even more important than that, we can constantly improve the richness of our existence.”

But, obviously, the earlier we start following rejuvenation strategies, the more effective they will be. Rejuvenation is not resurrection: you can’t wait to start until you are on your death bed! These strategies work at subtle levels to reverse the overt effects of stress and abuse, to overcome the effects of negative thinking and behavior, and to turn on the full powers of body, mind and spirit to become the youthful, vital and beautiful person you desire to be.


Dr. Slate does not merely tell us about rejuvenation and prove it with case examples; he tells us exactly what to do in our own lives. He builds from 14 easy to understand ‘golden rules” to develop 45 specific strategies, and then refines and presents them in a Seven-Day Rejuvenation Plan you can easily employ for yourself.


rejuvenation This CD is professionally produced and expertly programmed to take you step-by-step through the entire process. It is part of the book and CD package.

Before you insert the CD in your own machine, Dr. Slate explains all the various factors in the aging process, and explains how they can be reversed. You reach a new understanding of the life process and how YOU can and should take command of your own life to achieve your maximum goals.


For example, he shows how stress has both a positive and negative role to play in your everyday life. Positive stress is “constructive energy that is potentially empowering both physically and mentally. It is a state of attentive arousal that inspires and motivates us to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. We generate positive stress when we set positive goals or commit ourselves to a worthwhile endeavor. . . when we encounter new opportunities for growth or face challenging situations that demand our best . . . it adds excitement to our lives . . . it promotes effective problem solving and stimulates creativity.” Positive stress is good for us, helping us to stay younger and live longer. It enlivens and rejuvenates biological functions, including the circulatory system, brain, heart and other vital organs, helping to remove blockages and repair biological potholes, and provides energy to nourish the entire body.

In contrast, negative stress is corrosive energy that wears and tears both mind and body, unleashing stress hormones in the blood, and depressing the immune system. It accelerates the aging process and can lead directly to serious illness and even death!

The author explains how we generate negative stress ourselves, and shows it to be cumulative and vicious, leading to a fatal breakdown of the body’s restorative processes.

“Fortunately, negative stress can be managed and its consequences controlled or extinguished altogether. Effectively managing negative stress is, in fact, one of the most powerful rejuvenation and health tools known. Our total personal empowerment is, to a great extent, dependent on our mastery of effective stress management strategies.”

Dr. Slate lists eight underlying characteristics of effective stress management that enable us to become stronger by exercising our inner coping capacities to unleash our dormant growth resources and provides five successful examples leading to self-discovery and focused growth. He concludes the stress discussion with six complete strategies for healthful stress management.


“Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness in which our subconscious faculties and resources become increasingly receptive to our conscious probes. Hypnosis can range from a mild, relaxed state of increased receptiveness to a profound trance state in which consciousness is dramatically altered. At its deepest level . . . memories buried deep in the subconscious can often be retrieved and critical subconscious resources activated.”

In some instances, dormant potentials can emerge full-blown with full mastery of a new skill and made increasingly available through continued self-hypnosis. All hypnosis can be seen as self-hypnosis through which the trance state is self-induced and self-managed. Its successful use is based on five important concepts listed in the book:

* A vast reservoir of dormant yet powerful rejuvenating resources exists in the subconscious.

* Self-hypnosis can access that reservoir and draw healthful, rejuvenating energy from it.

* Self-hypnosis can literally alter the biological and psychological components of aging. Our so-called autonomic systems as well as subconscious processes are directly responsive to hypnotic intervention.

* Self-hypnosis can not only activate important rejuvenating interactions between mind and body, it can introduce totally new anti-aging mechanisms.

* Self-hypnosis can empower us to overcome barriers that hinder our rejuvenation efforts.

As is well-known, our conscious powers represent only a fraction of our total potentials. The subconscious, in contrast, consists of past experiences not presently available to conscious awareness but also a vast army of empowering mechanisms. Through self-hypnosis we can uncover a vast store of powers and use them to achieve our highest goals.

“Despite conventional assumptions that aging is largely an uncontrolled physiological phenomenon which is determined largely be genetics, new emerging perspectives recognize the complex mental, spiritual, and physical interactions underlying aging as well as our capacity to deliberately influence them. Through self-hypnosis, we can eliminate subconscious age accelerators and introduce new age-defying interactions. We can uproot the aging influences of negative self-perceptions and replace them with positive self-awareness. We can identify the corrosive effects of aging on the mind and body, and replace them with youthful vitality. We can introduce totally new mechanisms that arrest aging, revive worn organs and stress systems, and reverse the negative processes that energize aging. The result is a longer, richer, and healthier life.”

Dr. Slate presents all the factors for successful self-hypnosis sessions. There is nothing difficult, and nothing hazardous. You are always in control and are responsible for your own success. He leads you through introductory sessions of relaxation, imagery, trance deepening, affirmations, posthypnotic cues and natural awakening. You are given guidance to cosmetic rejuvenation to erase signs of aging, corrective rejuvenation to energize biological systems and organs, and mental rejuvenation to stimulate brain functions.

In addition, and as an important corollary for rejuvenation, Dr. Slate includes scripts for breaking the smoking habit, for weight management, and for habit control.

“Simply experiencing the trance state can be enlivening and rejuvenating. But when we use self-hypnosis as a rejuvenation strategy, all the accumulated resources of our past and present can become readily available to us. By awakening our dormant inner potentials, self-hypnosis activates a powerful renewal process that enriches the quality of our lives – mentally, physically, and spiritually. By probing our past, to include out past lives and past experiences in the discarnate realm, self-hypnosis spans our total existence to unleash abundant new growth energy and greater understanding of the magnificent cosmic nature of our lives. This powerful technique is one of the most important rejuvenation and growth options available to us today.”

About a third of our lives are spent sleeping. Sound, restful sleep is essential to healthful living and is itself rejuvenating. Dr. Slate goes further and gives us strategies that enhance the spontaneous, anti-aging functions of sleep.

But, his strategies go still further and alter the sleep experience by employing mechanisms that actively probe the subconscious and activate dormant rejuvenation potentials. “During sleep, we are more highly receptive to inner influences of the subconscious as well as certain higher plane influences of the cosmic realm.” These can include the discovery of personal guides who guide our rejuvenation efforts.

Specific strategies are given for sleep enrichment, to activate dormant anti-aging factors, and to include rejuvenating imagery in your dreams. The technique can also be adapted for personal empowerment issues, including career and love interests.

In addition to our physical bodies and the physical universe, there is an immense expanse of nonphysical realities, including those we call ‘paranormal.’ “Through deliberately interacting with higher planes, we can access totally new and untapped sources of rejuvenation, enlightenment and power.” Even our spontaneous interactions with higher planes are always purposeful and empowering. “They affirm the existence of a spiritual reality and our intimate connection to it. They are a source of important knowledge, inspiration, comfort and power. They affirm the eternal existence of our conscious identity. They teach us that we are active participants in a grand scheme of endless growth and discovery. They affirm that, when the physical body finally fails, the spirit not only survives, it thrives as well.”

Four strategies are given to access these higher planes for their anti-aging potentials and access to infinite sources of healing power and rejuvenating energy.

Astral Projection – the Out-of-Body-Experience – involves separating the non-physical body (variously called the Dream Body, Astral Body, Energy Body, Astral Double, and other names) from the physical body while transferring to it conscious awareness. It is a procedure facilitated by self-hypnosis, and can be used to explore the larger universe and communicate with its denizens, including guides and angels.

Five specific techniques for astral projection are included in this book, each facilitating access to and transfer of energizing and rejuvenating resources. The Cosmic Fountain of Youth procedure provides “direct access to the highest source of rejuvenating energy . . . . Arresting aging and reversing its effects, revitalizing physical organs and systems, and totally renewing the mind and body.”

“Astral projection is one of the most important human growth channels known. In that state, all the faculties of human consciousness remain intact, and in some instances, they are actually liberated to a higher level of efficiency. Out-of-body perceptions are often clearer, cognitive functions more complex, and creative processes more advanced. Liberated from the constrictions of biological experience, conscious awareness is unleashed to experience new realities and interact with other dimensions. By mastering this important phenomenon, we can dramatically accelerate our growth, rejuvenate the mind and body, and achieve a higher level of personal growth and self-realization. Possibly more than any other human experience, OBEs manifest the continuity and permanence of our existence as a conscious life force.”

“The human aura is an integral component of the self’s larger energy system. As a colorful energy field enveloping the physical body, the aura is an external energy phenomenon emanating from an inner energy core which is, in turn, our link to the higher cosmic source of our existence. The external aura along with its inner core . . . constitutes a unique energy system that is intrinsically cosmic and indestructible in nature. It is our connection to the infinite power of the universe. When attuned to the higher dimensions of energy, the aura and its energizing core are a source of unlimited insight, power, and knowledge.”

A healthy and functional aura system is essential to our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. By directly intervening, we can strengthen the aura and accelerate our growth. A bright, balanced and attuned aura is an essential component to Dr. Slate’s comprehensive rejuvenation program.

While it is not necessary to actually see the aura to follow the seven procedures given in the book, Dr. Slate includes one to enhance your viewing ability, and follows with others for conditioning, rejuvenating, attuning, and strengthening the aura. He also discusses the experience of ‘psychic vampirism’ in which other people – mostly unconsciously – drain energy from healthy people, and provides a simple protective procedure.

“The aura system with its internal core of energy is essential to our pursuit of a younger, longer, better life. The quality of our existence at any moment is largely a function of the aura system. It is a manifestation of the cosmic origin of our existence and a repository of invaluable resources. Fortunately, it is responsive to our intervention. We can use its energies and functions to stimulate the mind, rejuvenate the body, and enliven the spirit. It is unparalleled in its capacity to enrich every facet of our lives.”

There are various material objects that can be incorporated into structured procedures to facilitate the rejuvenation process. Certain objects – quartz crystals, particular gems, and pyramids - seem to be inherently rejuvenating because of their unique makeup. Other objects seem to function as channels that connect us to higher sources of unlimited power and new dimensions of rejuvenating energy.

Dr. Slate examines these and explains their capacity for usage. The quartz crystal is receptive to human programming (sometimes called ‘charging’) and can be used to break unwanted habits, master complex motor skills, increase memory, and accelerate learning. A procedure for programming a crystal to help in rejuvenation is given.

Another object that can be programmed for rejuvenation is the pearl, and a complete procedure is likewise given. Still another object is the pyramid, modeled after the Great Pyramid and made of almost any material. Various gems have specific energies that can be used, but the emerald in particular is chosen for its rejuvenating power, and a procedure is given for its use. Others are provided for sapphire and amethyst.

Similarly, other valuable rejuvenation resources are found in natural surroundings. By interacting with nature we are connected to the limitless power that energizes and sustains our very existence. Examples of procedures to tap into such energies for rejuvenation are provided – a Tree, Nature Walk, a Vortex, and human-animal interactions.

The book closes with the Seven-Day Rejuvenation Plan mentioned earlier. Dr. Slates writes:
“We now know that most of the ‘limitations of old age’ are stereotypical rather than real. For the most part, things once seen as beyond our control can now be modified or reversed. Furthermore, we can take pre-emptive action to eliminate the need for corrective action later on. Thanks to a new rejuvenation technology that recognizes the supreme power of the mind and spirit, senescence is neither inevitable nor irremediable. We can master strategies that trigger rejuvenation and prolong life while enjoying all-around good health. Rather than self-destructing, we can literally create a new design for living younger, longer, and better.”

The seven-day plan presents a series of strategies organized to counteract aging and initiate an upward spiral of rejuvenation. It begins with certain basics, such as ways to manage negative stress, and then progresses to more complex procedures that include interacting with other dimensions, and culminates in linking mind, body, and spirit to the highest cosmic source of rejuvenation.

“The inner and outer sources of rejuvenation are now at your command. Through this plan, you can take swift, decisive action to stimulate your inner fountain of youth while accessing the supreme cosmic fountain of limitless possibilities.”

Rejuvenation: Strategies for Living Younger, Longer & Better, by Joe H. Slate, Ph.D., 240 6” x 9” pages, with audio CD of Seven-Day Plan incorporating self-hypnosis procedures. ISBN-13: 978-1567186338, U.S.$ 19.95.
Aura Energy for Health, Healing & Balance, by Joe H. Slate, Ph.D., 264 6” x 9” pages, ISBN-13: 978-1567186376, U.S.$ 14.95.
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Interesting thoughts on rejuvenation through astral experiences etc
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